time to meet your (blog)maker

hey, y’all!

my name is Morgan Brooke Maloney. this is me: the goofy smile behind the broad-brimmed hat. 👒

trying to pretend it’s actually fall in Florida, not 85° in November


currently, I teach life science to sixth and seventh graders. probably no need to explain, but man, those kids are a handful. while I love spending my time mentoring & preparing my students for the realities of life, my greatest passion is educating myself. I am a self-proclaimed bibliophile. now some of you may be unsure what a bibliophile is (it was one of those SAT words that slipped right on out of your brain when the test was over, right?) so let me refresh your memory.

bib•li•o•phile /ˈbiblēəˌfīl/

n. a person who collects or has a great love of books. 

according to the Oxford Dictionary, I’m basically a supreme book nerd who finds comfort in the written word and the imagination. I may have gone so far as to get a little something tattooed on my side with my personal nature in mind: a reminder that words can transform you & transport you, that they are so much more than just letters on a page.

tattoo art by Caio “Chopper” Chermont at Atomic Tattoo in Ybor City, FL

while my greatest passion involves lots and lots of books, it also requires copious amounts of traveling! I crave discovery in a new place: experiencing the uniqueness of a city that established its culture, learning the history that forged its foundation, and meeting the people that call it home.

so here we are. off on a new adventure. reading and learning, exploring and living. you will learn more about me, but more importantly, you will feel the pulse that allows humanity to thrive. I feel it everyday. my goal: help you put your finger on it.

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only a page.” {Augustine of Hippo}


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