Travel #tbt: Salzburg, Austria

as I continue with this blog, I aspire to share the places I have explored before. my goal is to share a travel #tbt every Thursday for your reading pleasure. this week, I was inspired by some friends from my alma mater (lookin’ at you, Austin & Smelser) who are currently traveling around Austria and Hungary for an international Oratory Union competition. totally jealous, btw.

anyway, during the summer of 2014, I took part in a 15 day tour of Europe! the theme: World Wars. we followed the path that the US soldiers took during World War Two, only in reverse. my college, Florida College, sponsored the tour and I got to experience all of the historical niches of Europe with my favorite professors and some close friends. definitely one of the best experiences of my life. our trip started out in London, England and concluded in Munich, Germany. I will absolutely share more about all of the countries and pit stops in between as I write more, but there’s plenty to share about Salzburg in its own right!

first off, Austria is a breathtaking country. secondly, the city of Salzburg is practically a homage to The Sound of Music. we started our adventure in Salzburg meandering through the Mirabell Gardens, the location of the iconic scene where Julie Andrews teaches her kiddos the Do-Re-Mi song.


quite possibly the best of our short time in Salzburg: the view from the Makarsteg Bridge overlooking the Salzach River. it was truly indescribable. the water gleamed a pale green, almost the same hue as a light green tourmaline crystal. like the Love Lock Bridge (Pont de Amoureux) in Paris, the bridge was covered in locks left behind by hopeful lovers. initials and the ghosts of romances past lingered as we wandered along the bridge. one can’t help but wonder whether these relationships flourished, but either way, the bridge harbored a mystical aura in its delicate craftsmanship. we came upon a street artist who everyday came down to the riverside to paint watercolors for the sentimental tourist. needless to say, I purchased one to commemorate the view and support local artists as I like to do. the view of Festung Hohensalzburg (literally meaning “High Salzburg Fortress”) atop Festungsberg hill was alluring. one of the biggest medieval castles in Europe, the fortress watched imposingly over its city.

after buying some overpriced Starbucks (see, capitalism is everywhere), we came upon the home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing the birthplace of a prodigy in person. we even saw the very first instrument he learned to play! his home was sprawling and intricate, much like the corridors of his mind must have been.

I’ve hit some highlights of Salzburg, but go see it for yourself because not only is it enchanting and gorgeous, they have handmade pretzels the size of your head and amazing clothing retailers mixed in among historical homes. believe me, Salzburg will be like music to your ears.

thanks for journeying with me, auf wiedersehen!

“Everywhere you go, the scenery, the skyline, the music and the history send your spirits soaring higher than Julie Andrews’ octave-leaping vocals.” – Lonely Planet

“Framed by mountains, crowned by the Hohensalzburg Fortress and divided by the turquoise Salzach River, the Salzburg landscape is pure drama.” – Frommers


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