Raving about Red Velvet

if you follow me on any social media platform, there is one thing that you know for certain about me: I loooooooove doughnuts. my obsession is beginning to border on unhealthy, especially since I am actually gluten intolerant. whoops. anyway, since my last blog post was rather long-winded, I’ll keep this one short & sweet (possible doughnut pun?).

I may have made finding the world’s best doughnut my life’s mission. it all started with the delicious, sugary perfection that is Long’s Bakery in Indianapolis. I know it is hard to believe, but I wasn’t much of a doughnut person until I tried theirs. now, I try to find the best doughnuts in every place I visit. while we were staying in Memphis over spring break, I had to try the famous Gibson’s Donuts that Harris has vehemently affirmed would beat out Long’s by a mile. while I was hesitant, I went in with an open mind. man, am I glad that I did! another fact about me: less obscure if you haven’t met me in person, but I easily tear up when I get excited about something. on our drive to the doughnut shop, we passed a field of baby buffalos and I started crying, they were just so darn cute. adrenaline pumping, we pulled into the doughnut place, and in my compromised emotional state, I blurted out: “I’m so excited, I’m crying again.” well, we definitely got a deep, belly laugh out of that one. Harris’ sister Mallory gave me a look, like, I cannot believe Harris is actually dating this wacko. it’s okay, I know she still loves me. but trust me, go try these doughnuts and you will understand my hysteria.


first of all, the store’s presentation was highly appealing. it brought you back in time to the old-fashioned diner aesthetic. there was even an adorable group of elderly guys meeting for their leisurely morning of doughnuts, coffee, and news. definitely retirement life goals.


the front counter was overwhelming with the doughnuts’ plump, sugary goodness glistening under the lights (I might be salivating thinking about them right now).

we bought a dozen to try out and share with the Waterman clan and I really loved the simple presentation of the box.

while all of the doughnuts I tried were exquisite, especially the blueberry cake, the red velvet transcended this mortal plane. I have never enjoyed a pastry so much in my whole life. I want my wedding cake to be made out of red velvet doughnuts from Gibson’s.  you must go try these immediately. 

I can assure you that this will not be the last mention of doughnuts you see on this blog, so come back and journey with me again. I’ll try not to cry over doughnuts next time.


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