Tampa Treats: Kaleisia Tea Lounge

today has been a really laid back Saturday due to an impending cold that is continuing to build, but I ventured out from my hovel of illness and abandoned my gossip girl binge for some food.

lately, I’ve made it my mission to try new restaurants in Tampa. if I’m going to spend my hard earned money by eating out, I’m going to try out places I’ve never had before. being gluten free, this is a bit of a challenge, but I found this cool app called Find Me GF that tells you what restaurants around you have gluten free options! totally a lifesaver.

I had heard of some friends in college raving about Kaleisia Tea Lounge, but hadn’t had the chance to try it. it also had a five star rating on the app, and they sold tea, so I didn’t hesitate to drive over and check it out.

I’m glad I checked it out, because the food was yummy, the atmosphere was soothing, and the tea was delicious. I ordered a combo plate called Set C that came with spring rolls, a veggie panini, and a vegan chocolate cupcake. the cupcake was excellent, especially with the dollop of buttercream icing. I’d probably try something different food wise next time, but I absolutely adored the hot bourbon vanilla tea that sounded great for soothing my achy throat.

there were lots of people chatting and studying inside and on the outdoor patio. one of my favorite aspects of the place was the Japanese-style quiet area where they have a free yoga class every Sunday. there was also a bookshelf full of board games for anyone to borrow.

the most exciting part? picking out your own tea! just a wall full of tea canisters and free reign to fall in love with lots of teas.

next time, I’ll bring some friends and play a game or bring a book and have some peaceful alone time. either way, I’ll be back & I recommend that you journey on over to Kaleisia when you need to find your zen!


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