Listener Review – Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and Everything in Between

For most of my life, I heard people gushing about the beauty and poignancy of Gilmore Girls; but I never made time to catch up. I honestly knew very little about the show until it was announced that the show was getting a reboot after a decade. I still wasn’t sure I was ready to dedicate so many hours to watching it until Netflix had coffee shops around the world transform into Luke’s Diner. At that point, I had to know what everyone was in a such a frenzy about. If this show was going to be a huge cultural phenomenon, I wanted to be in the know. Well, I am glad that I bit the bullet and decided to jump in. Fast forward a few weeks and my husband and I have devoured the original series and the reboot. I was swept up. I wanted it to keep going. Thanks to Amazon’s offer of a free book on Audible and the recent release of Lauren Graham’s new book, I was able to hang on to the quick-witted Lorelai for just a tad bit longer.


Normally, I never advocate doing anything but reading a physical copy of a book, but my lack of funds and desire to know what Lauren had to share about the world of Gilmore Girls propelled me to try my first audiobook. Now, I’m hooked. I think I’ve listened to seven other audiobooks since I finished TAFAIC:FGGTGGAEIB (sorry, I can be obnoxious sometimes) and my car rides to work are no longer boring, but leave me with a sense of productivity and accomplishment. Anyway, I want to talk about why I so thoroughly enjoyed listening to Lauren Graham narrate her new book.

While Lauren did spend a lot of time discussing the beauty of working on the Gilmore Girls set the first time and the magic of rediscovering it ten years later, she also talked a lot about her early career. I am honestly blown away by all of the hard work she put in as well as all the risks she took at a young age to pursue her dream. I admire her courage because I still have trouble knowing what my dreams and my talents really are. If you’re trying to figure out your own dreams, I think listening to Lauren talk about all of the valleys and, later, the mountains, that brought her to where she is now, you will be left inspired. Overall, Lauren has a very encouraging outlook on life and hearing her advice made me feel like I really knew her.

Lauren Graham is also insanely clever. Every choice of words and syntactical decision provided greater impact of her ideas. Her wordsmithery on Gilmore Girls is not just acting, it’s part of who Lauren is as a person. The way she delivers certain ideas and then reinforces them for emphasis is incredible. After hearing her tell the story of her life, I also listened to her novel, Someday Someday Maybe, which was just as enjoyable to listen to. Long story short, Lauren Graham is a wonderful human being and you should listen to or read everything she writes.

I award this audiobook with 5 globes for wit, engagement, and style. I advise that you give this book a listen, rather than a read, and that, my friends, is a high compliment coming from me.

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